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​​​​General Hardware Products, Inc.  was founded in 1959 and is still family owned and operated.  Our manufacturing facility is located in QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES.

As the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of expanded metal mesh products, General Hardware enjoys unrivalled expertise and understanding of expanded metal production techniques, capabilities and applications.

 We constantly push boundaries and develop new patterns, products and applications to increase awareness and raise the profile of expanded metal throughout industries by improving existing products and exposing new markets to the benefits of expanded metal mesh. Our strength is a committed, skilled and knowledgeable workforce.  New products and markets are driven by our dedicated sales and marketing teams.
Key benefits of working with General Hardware Products include the availability of a wide range of materials and patterns in standard specifications, combined with a willingness to embrace new product development. Well-established distribution facilities ensure that we respond effectively to orders of all sizes. The diverse range of products and industries served ensures that we remain in touch with our customers and their market requirements.

The First and Only Specialist in Expanded Metal in

Metro Manila, Philippines 
since 1959.

​​Manufacturer of High Quality Expanded Metal 
and Perforated Metal Products

Expanded Metal (sometime called wire mesh) is formed from a metal plate, pressed, sheared and stretched, which creates a diamond-shaped hole surrounded by interlinked bars of the metal.  In the expanded opening, the diamond truss formation adds rigidity and strength.  This is inherent in all standard Expanded Metal sheets (not flattened).  Materials most commonly expanded are Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

Expanded metal made from steel is very versatile and suggested uses are:

  • Catwalks (see below)
  • Grates
  • Fencing
  • Flooring systems
  • Plastering/metal lath
  • Stylish Furniture (e.g. Benches, Lounge Chairs, Chairs, Tables etc.)
  • Waste Baskets
  • Architectural details and embellishment
  • Warehouse flooring and Car park ramps

Expanded stainless and aluminum sheets are used in:

  • Fish Farming (Separation of ponds, fish and other uses)
  • Agricultural Uses
  • Food Processing

One of the most popular uses of Expanded Metal is Catwalks.  Catwalks are generally made from strong 4mm to 6mm thick Expanded Steel. (sometimes called wire mesh).

In some cases, expanded metal is also used in guarding from dangerous moving parts and preventing contact with hot surfaces.

  • Expanded Metal is replacing products formerly made from wood, wire, steel bars, panels and plates.

  • Expanded Metal can be used like a  rib lath for ceiling and clusters walls.

The greatest advantage of expanded metal is usually the fact that it is cheaper than most other metal substitutes.  It is permanent, decorative and takes many kinds of finishes.  It can be cut with just a pair of wire cutters, and can be fastened by screws, nails, welding, wiring, gluing, and by pressing tightly into a steel frame.